The Costs of Hiring Ghosts Worksheet Download

Do you know how much your new hires are actually costing you? Sales positions are known for having a high turnover, but you may be shocked to learn just how much your organization is spending on failed recruits or “ghosts”. Download the following worksheet to calculate:

  • Your Turnover Percentage
  • Cost of Interviewing
  • Cost of Payroll
  • Cost of Training
  • Your Total Organizational Cost of Hiring “Ghosts”

Knowing how much your company is hemorrhaging on these “ghosts” will allow you to think more critically about your hiring process. Improving your hires by even just a small amount will not only smooth out your new employee onboarding process, but it will also free up more funds to reward and retain existing employees, resulting in less turnover, improving team cohesiveness, and ultimately increasing overall sales and profits.

Download the worksheet