The Unemployment Rate Is Only 4.3% For College Graduates

Watching the unemployment rate in the media these days can be upsetting.  However, when you take a closer look at the numbers and break down the different factors, the news is not as alarming as it initially appears for some workers.


  • The unemployment rate takes into effect all types of workers.  This includes construction, farming, professional and more.
  • The unemployment rate in July 2011 for management and professional related workers was 5%.  This rate has not varied considerably in recent months and, in fact, is down from July 2009.
  • The unemployment rate for workers with a college degree was 4.3% in July 2011, which is also down from July 2009.

While these numbers are still higher than many would prefer, it shouldn’t deter those who are seeking to develop themselves professionally.  New opportunities are presenting themselves everyday.  Excellent companies are still looking for enthusiastic and qualified people to contribute to their organization.  Great new career positions are out there. Take advantage of promising opportunities when you see them.