Creating an SEO Optimized Job Posting to Recruit Top Talent

Finding the best possible talent for your company doesn’t have to be difficult, but for many companies, being heard through the noise can often be an overwhelming task. While job boards and social media have made it easier for potential employees to find your company and available position, the importance of optimizing your individual job postings to appear at the top of a Google search can’t be understated. This blog post will highlight the important, yet incredibly simple ways your company can improve your job posting’s search engine optimization so as to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Keywords are Key

Using highly relevant keywords throughout the title and body of the job posting is essential in getting heard. In fact, the more detailed your job posting is, the better off it will be considered highly relevant and thus considered for a top slot in a Google search. In addition to the main duties of the job, you should discuss the requirements, the city and state in which it is located, and any other miscellaneous information job seekers might consider when searching for open positions. There are a variety of tools out there that show you the most popular keywords to incorporate into your job posting so as to remain relevant and thus shoot to the top of search results. As always, you should be sure to use the top keywords strategically, rather than tossing them into the copy without concern for their frequency. This is a big no-no for search engines and could cost you a quality position in searches. Instead, try variations on a term. For example, instead of writing “jobs in San Francisco,” write “jobs in the Bay Area.” This will help expand your search potential while still honing in on the commonly searched keywords.

Don’t Forget Meta Titles and URLs

The same can be said for the meta title, the bit of text used by search engines and seen by users in search results. Highly relevant, keyword-optimized meta titles will increase your job posting’s chances of being seen, and will entice job searchers to click on the link. In addition to the name of the position, you should include the city and state in which it’s listed. Treat URLs the same way. Rather than allowing your website content management system to auto-populate it, include a keyword-optimized URL that combines the job title with the city and state. This will provide added benefit in searches, and when used in conjunction with meta titles and keyword-optimized job details, they will further increase your job posting’s chances of reaching the top of search results.

Promote Shareability

Posting the job on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter will not only increase your audience size, but also help improve its chances of being deemed more relevant by Google. The same can be said for job boards like Indeed and CareerBuilder. Posting your job on these and other websites but including a link back to the job posting itself will help deem it more relevant, and this gain more clout in searches.

Referrals are one of the most common methods of hiring the best people, so optimizing you job posting to allow for potential recruits to share it with others is essential. Include the ability to automatically share the job posting on social media sites and blogs is a great way to create additional backlinks to help with your job posting’s SEO.


Ignoring common search engine optimization tricks is detrimental when creating a unique job posting. Conduct your research and follow these simple steps to increase your job posting’s presence on the web and recruit the best possible talent in your field.

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