When You Have Great Talent, Everything Clicks.

You had a great week. Your team renewed four key accounts and a handful of others. One of the benefits producers sold a 1500 life group and morale is up. It feels good to have a team of service professionals that help you achieve your goals, right? But cultivating a team of the best service talent doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a long-term process of finding, nurturing, and recruiting top talent. Paying attention to your past, current and future personnel can be beneficial as an ongoing effort. 

What if one of your key Client Managers left today?

Now, who will you assign this new 1500 life new case to? The Account Manager on this book isn’t quite ready, and the CM’s shoes will be hard to fill because of her longstanding rapport with several important clients. It doesn’t take long for another advisor to catch that client at the right time - like in the midst of turnover - and potentially take their business. 

How long would it take to find a replacement?

It’s easy to get caught flat-footed when an important member of your team decides to leave. How long would it take you today to replace a key Account Executive or Client Manager? Does your internal recruiter have time to start a search tomorrow? Because these questions are so important for a successful plan for dealing with turnover, it’s important to ask yourself early and often. Job ads provide one route toward building a healthy pipeline of talent, but it goes much deeper if you truly want to nurture a successful long-term team. 

There is a better way. Use these 7 steps.

There’s no sugar coating it, turnover is a problem for benefit advisors and other benefits organizations. But you can combat its detrimental effects to company culture, morale and client experience by getting proactive about recruiting. Instead of scrambling, keep these 7 steps in mind.

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