The Crucial Last Mile

The decision making and offering process may seem like the final hurdle after you have interviewed and vetted your group of possible candidates. But keep in mind; this point in the hiring process is where many deals actually fall apart.

Congratulations on your successful search and interview process, and welcome to the offer stage. It’s quite a logistical and strategic hurdle to determine a short list of candidates, so it’s important to complete the hiring process in both a thorough and expeditious manner. Here are some potential deal-breakers not to be ignored:

  • Time. If you’ve found the perfect candidate for the position, do not hold up the offer! We have seen this happen countless times, and the candidate has either walked away because they felt the company wasn’t very interested in them, or simply wasn’t organized or they found another opportunity (or another opportunity found them). An unreasonably long process is one of easiest ways to lose a great candidate.
  • Reference Checks. If done properly, reference checks can confirm what you have already learned about your candidate. They may also glean new, unknown information that may end up changing your decision about a candidate. Yes, many companies will only give out name, rank and serial number (and dates of employment) of a candidate, but some give out more. Also, you may assume anyone who has been given as a reference will only give out positive information about the candidate, but you will be surprised how much you can learn by tone, emphasis, and what is not said. Regardless of the outcome, it’s a good idea to partner with your HR department to make sure any legal issues are addressed and followed.
  • Hiring and decision deadlines can help keep your recruiting process on track. It allows for accountability to both yourself and the candidates you are interviewing. Candidates, whether you hire them or not, will respect your company more if you fulfill your deadlines. They are likely to talk to others about their recruiting experience, so keeping your word during the hiring process will also help keep your good reputation.

Decisions are not always easy to make, especially when it comes to bringing on a new hire. Reference checks that ask the questions that need to be asked will help. Hiring and decision deadlines will allow you to stay on track during this process. Fast track job offers will help ensure that your great candidate is not lost at the final hour to the competition.

Crossing the finish line is a great feeling for both candidate and hiring manager. The sooner you can take those final steps, the sooner you can prepare yourself and your team for the newest recruit.

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